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About our Grazing Table Catering Service

What is a Grazing Table?

Our grazing tables catering in Melbourne (for 25-100 guests) provides a visually appealing and abundant spread of various foods and snacks that are artfully arranged on a large table or surface. They are ideal for gatherings, parties, or events as a way to offer guests a wide selection of options to graze on throughout the occasion.

The main idea behind a grazing table is to create a bountiful display of different foods, such as cheeses, cured meats, fruits, vegetables, bread, dips, olives, nuts, crackers, and other bite-sized snacks. The foods are typically arranged in a way that is visually appealing, with attention given to colours, textures, and presentation.

Aurora Catering Events can provide two types of grazing tables, a flat lay grazing table and the tiered grazing table which is an additional add on from the flat table. 

grazing tables catering

Flat Lay Grazing Tables

A flat grazing table, is a table setup where the food and snacks are laid out in a single, continuous line. The food items are placed side by side along the length of the table, creating a visually cohesive and abundant display. 

This is Aurora’s most requested grazing style, because it is just so easy, disposable and the perfect option for light nibbles to get the party started!

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flat grazing tables near me
tiered grazing table

Tiered Grazing Table

A tiered grazing table involves the use of multiple levels or tiers to present the food. Instead of arranging the food on a flat table, different levels are created by using stylish pieces and serving ware, ceramic dip bowls, stainless steel knives, dip spoons and serving tongs. 

We can also use timber boxes or even stacked crates for a more rustic feel. Each tier offers a distinct height, allowing for a more dynamic and visually appealing display. 

Tiered grazing tables are ideal for larger events or when you want to create depth and dimension in the presentation.

Grazing Tables - What to Expect

Your Aurora Catering grazing stylist will arrive prior to your event to set up your grazing table using either quality biodegradable serving ware, or styling pieces and heightened serving platters if you opt for the tiered styling add-on. 

Construction will take approximately one hour depending on your chosen size.

Flat Tables:

When completed creating the graze, we will leave you to enjoy and won’t return to collect any serving ware as you can pop it in the bin after 3 hours of event commencement.

Tiered Tables:

When completed creating the graze, we will leave you to enjoy and then your grazing stylist will return to collect at a time that suits you to pick up serving ware provided.

Please note: 

  • Our tiered grazing is an additional cost to our flat lay grazing pricing to cover equipment hire and your food stylist returning to clean-up
  • Our grazing tables are recommended as light nibbles rather than a substantial meal
  • Please contact us for guest numbers under 25 or over 100.
  • Our grazing tables should be consumed within 3 hours of event commencement.
grazing tables near me

Impress your guests with Aurora's Grazing Tables in Melbourne.

Contact us today to discuss your event and let our culinary experts take care of everything, so you can sit back and enjoy the evening.

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